Lemons, Goldilocks and Happiness 4-16-2018

The story of Goldilocks tells of her getting things just right. And the story of making lemonade when life gives you nothing but lemons may be about creating good in the middle of bad.  However,  they both revolve about being happy.  

I invite you to continue reading for the rest of this story:

The essence of a myth or fairy tale must be powerful in order for it to endure.  It must be able to be interpreted, understood and felt on multiple levels.  It must be a simple tale that can be easily remembered with deep sometimes hidden meanings.  

Goldilocks walks into a house and wants a bed to sleep in and to be happy. She “knows” that she wants more of what she likes and less of what she does not like.  She therefore thinks bigger is better and tries the biggest bed.  Later she wants to eat and sees porridge and again she thinks a hot bowl of porridge is good but hotter is better.  As you know she then tries smaller and colder aiming for getting less than she thought she wanted.  Ultimately she ends up in the middle and is happy.  Maybe she could have mixed the too hot cereal with the too cold cereal and got it just right.  

So what’s with the lemonade?  Why is it so good?  When you just eat lemons they are too sour.  If you just eat sugar its too sweet.  Mixing them together and they are just right.

Perhaps the essence of Goldilocks is to mix the extremes together and end up just right and happy.

Okay fair enough but why lemonade and not apple-ade or cherry-ade?  It’s all about opposites.  Lemons are about the most sour taste you can readily find and sugar is about the sweetest.  When the opposites are mixed in the right proportion what you get in the middle is delicious lemonade riding along the flow of happiness.  

So I propose the following:  When you mix opposites together the middle path results in happiness.  Crushed crunchy nuts on the top of  smooth creamy ice cream, Baked Alaska of hot cake with cold ice cream, riding a bicycle of not leaning too far to one side or the other for balance in the middle etc.  

Just as aiming for happiness in the middle is really just another extreme compared to its opposite of hanging out at either end of extra hot ( the way I enjoy a Chai latte or an ice cold IPA beer) or icy cold its nice to know you can go to the happiness in the middle whenever you choose to.  And this is so,  not just with food and drinks but also with actions, emotions and feelings. magnet Playing tennis or racket ball, or chopping wood until you are thoroughly exhausted  as an extreme is as thoroughly exhilarating as dropping down to rest motionless afterward.  Both spending time at the extremes as well as the middle creates its own  balanced happiness.

When you are interested in changing your mood or reaction to what is happening try naming what you are feeling and then bringing to mind its exact opposite.  Mix both together and flow down the middle path of happiness.  Imagine being at the airport and your flight is suddenly delayed 90 minutes.  Ugh !!! . Next go beyond the ugh !!! and imagine something even worse.  Flight cancelled 2x ugh !!! !!! .  Or flight cancelled and the airport loses all electricity 3x ugh !!! !!! !!! .  (If you like go beyond this to the most sour thing you can imagine happening )  Next go to the opposite thought, feeling or emotion.  No rush to the plane, time to relax, catch up on email, read my book, daydream about my new venture. 

And then come back to the middle of what is happening right now.  When thinking about the future the mind moves into action and is disturbed and when thinking of the past the mind moves into action and is also disturbed.  When thoughts are in the now the mind is still.  And when the mind and thoughts are still happiness flows.  

Is there anything that you need in order for you to be happy right now, other than the thoughts in your mind?  What thoughts are there right now; for you right now?  Go to the opposites and flow down the middle.  Other than your thoughts is there anything else right now that is stopping you from being happy. 

Try it right now. Is there anything that you need to be happy right now other than the thoughts in your mind?  Slide down the middle of happiness and drink in the lemonade that is floating in the air all around you.   


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