The Answer Is 04-25-2018

After meditating for some time with varying amounts of intention to slip into a more ethereal state I returned to the point of breathing rhythmically and drifted out of the meditation. As I opened my eyes the thought There Is No Answer came into my awareness.

That thought There Is No Answer became an endearing and nurturing insightful stimulating and motivating factor. It eliminated all the pressure of having to find THE answer. And at the same time it does not at all diminish the search for The Answer. In fact in enhances it.

Being goal oriented and motivated by moving toward a goal I enjoy asking the questions and searching for the answers. I realize that there is a tremendous amount of almost answers that I will be able to enjoy along the way but not the final really big answer.

As you can see happiness is a big factor and in previous notes I have written that once I am at a higher level of happiness I almost stop asking questions and just enjoy the happiness without looking for the happiness to be deepened.

By eliminating that there is an answer all the pressure to find it disappeared and I was able to just be me as I am; knowing that no one else has the answer either. And that I am not going to be the one to find it.  Just being free.  Maybe that IS the answer.


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