Vibrating Happiness 4-14-2018

I was about 9 years old before transistor radios. The radio I recall was a small wood box that had knobs in the front and plugged into the outlet in the wall. There was no thought to it; you just turned it on and it played music or talking. Then my dad did two things I remember. The first was to take me over to a friend of his who had a ham (amateur) radio. You could talk to people anywhere in the world. Somehow this led to my getting a crystal radio set. That was fantastic.

It consisted of a long antenna wire you hang out the window or connect to the metal screen on the window. This connects to two other simple items. One is a coil of thin wire wrapped around a cardboard tube with the painted insulation sanded down to the wire in a band across the coil. The second is the key to the name crystal radio. It is a crystal that only allows the tiny alternating electric current picked up by the antenna to pass through the crystal in one direction. The coiled wire allows you to select the frequency and the now direct current passes through an earplug and the sound comes out.

Somehow this seemed more amazing than just turning the knob on the radio. I was closer to whatever it was that was in the air that was vibrating and with the crystal set I could listen in to the universe. Well maybe not that far but what did I know. I was only nine.

Everything is vibrating around us all the time including us. We know from quantum mechanics that all of the atoms that make up our bodies, mind and thoughts are in a continual state of vibration. The portion of this vibration that we can hear we call sound. We are a cup of sound in a bowl of vibration.

A writer starts with a blank page. A song starts with a blank silence. Silence is the basis of sound, its background, canvas or frame.

Happiness has its own vibration.

When we are happy we vibrate to a particular frequency.

Find that frequency and buy a tuning fork with that pitch or frequency.

Use resonance to vibrate at that pitch and be happy.

We can obtain that frequency with a song.

Mystical tradition says that we each have our own song.

When we are playing or hearing and become aware of that song we resonate with an emotion called happiness.

How to benefit — how to use sound

What is your favorite song?

Why is that song your favorite?

How do you feel when you hear that song or better yet sing it out loud and make more of your body vibrate along with it.

Do you have a favorite song now or is it one from years ago?

Try singing that song with the same feeling and intensity as:

I remember driving over to pick up my girlfriend. (who is now my wife Amy of 40+ years). It was spring, the black canvas top of the Blue carsky blue convertible was down and the sun was shining and the world was right. All of a sudden “our” song was playing on the radio. You know what that is like. When they are playing your song on the radio everything else drops from your mind and you just sing. That is the vibration of happiness.

Attitude and anticipation play a role in using your song. Think about it what do you feel right before you bite into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Or right before your first spoonful of ice cream? Or right before you start to sing your favorite song? Play this song in your head —sing it. Play it on your smartphone or in your car on the way to work. Write out the title and place it where you will see it during the day.

With attitude and anticipation you can let go of everything else and fully experience and enjoy the vibration and sounds of your favorite song.


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