Wanting 5-12-2018

What I mean by wanting is to be forward in my mind from where my body and its now experience is right now. I think that makes sense.   When I am in wanting I am not in balance with the now. The wanting is in the now because everything that is happening in the now. So therefore it is the effect of what is happening that I am referring to. The effect is that there is an imbalance that exists between the desire that the wanting represents and the awareness of what is happening within the body. With this … Continue reading Wanting 5-12-2018

Experiencing your adventure 5-5-2018

The Adventures of Superman. The Adventures of Nancy Drew. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Sherlock Holmes, Abraham Lincoln and the Adventures of (insert your name). Why not, put your own name in that space; every day is another day of your personal adventure. Even the “heroes and heroines” listed above had both their good days and not so good days. But their quests went on. Even if they did not know that the endings for some of them would not be so happily ever after. Right now in the middle of your day what is your adventure? How can you … Continue reading Experiencing your adventure 5-5-2018

The Answer Is 04-25-2018

After meditating for some time with varying amounts of intention to slip into a more ethereal state I returned to the point of breathing rhythmically and drifted out of the meditation. As I opened my eyes the thought There Is No Answer came into my awareness. That thought There Is No Answer became an endearing and nurturing insightful stimulating and motivating factor. It eliminated all the pressure of having to find THE answer. And at the same time it does not at all diminish the search for The Answer. In fact in enhances it. Being goal oriented and motivated by moving … Continue reading The Answer Is 04-25-2018

Lemons, Goldilocks and Happiness 4-16-2018

The story of Goldilocks tells of her getting things just right. And the story of making lemonade when life gives you nothing but lemons may be about creating good in the middle of bad.  However,  they both revolve about being happy.   I invite you to continue reading for the rest of this story: The essence of a myth or fairy tale must be powerful in order for it to endure.  It must be able to be interpreted, understood and felt on multiple levels.  It must be a simple tale that can be easily remembered with deep sometimes hidden meanings. … Continue reading Lemons, Goldilocks and Happiness 4-16-2018

Vibrating Happiness 4-14-2018

I was about 9 years old before transistor radios. The radio I recall was a small wood box that had knobs in the front and plugged into the outlet in the wall. There was no thought to it; you just turned it on and it played music or talking. Then my dad did two things I remember. The first was to take me over to a friend of his who had a ham (amateur) radio. You could talk to people anywhere in the world. Somehow this led to my getting a crystal radio set. That was fantastic. It consisted of … Continue reading Vibrating Happiness 4-14-2018