Crossroads something to think about 6-21-2018

When I am at a crossroad I would usually look both ways and then I have to decide which way to go.   Right left forward or sometimes back to where I have been . Going backwards at least has a returning to something familiar and eventually back to home. But home or home base is always a resting place a jumping off place to go forth to somewhere else. To evolve into the next understanding the net revelation the next symmetry or vibrational balance with the universe.

crossroads 2

Crossroads are occurring all the time all day and night long. Most of the time they go by so fast that the routine response is to just continue on the path using the momentum that is already there. Well this doing can just allow the crossroads to slip by without the chance to explore what might be done with this road or that.

What would happen if I said hello to this stranger. Or asked a question or made a comment. What if I said yes instead of no or no instead of yes. What if I did the opposite of what my habitual response or actions would ordinarily be. I seem to have arrived at a place where I feel that the responses that I have will give me the best result and therefore I am less prone to make changes in what I am doing or thinking.

What if it were ready fire aim rather than ready aim fire?

What shift from your usual habitual patterns of doing and being might you explore today?

You might find or widen an avenue for greater happiness.

At the very least it will make for an interesting conversation with others this evening.


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